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While enjoying extremely good sushi in San Francisco, I experienced my first earthquake in San Francisco. I was sitting with my friend Jessica at a sushi bar about two blocks from her home when for about 5 seconds, our chairs began shaking. After the 5 seconds, Jessica and I looked at each other and she said, “Did you feel that?” uh, yeah. But the sushi chefs didn’t feel anything. About a minute later, her friend Liz called her (who was home alone in Jessica’s apartment) about the earthquake. Then most of the cell phones began ringing in the restaurant, as Jessica advised Liz to check out the USGS website, which we discovered that in Alamo (about 5 miles from where I used to live in Lafayette) a 4.0 earthquake occurred. Amazing for me to feel a 4.0 in San Francisco, since Alamo is on the other side of the Oakland Hills. About 5 minutes later, Jessica’s brother in New York called and inquired about the earthquake. Amazing how fast news travels.
Last weekend as I was staying with my friend, during the course of three weddings last weekend I felt the urge to capture her window curtain dancing in the wind. It was so nice to have a few minutes to myself enjoying the breeze in the Marina district of San Francisco, and of course having my friend’s apartment to myself. I cannot describe how nice it is for a few minutes to be at complete peace while watching and photographing the wind rustling the curtain.