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St. Peter and Paul Church / Dreaming….

As my time comes to a close in the central valley…my life and my brain is continually dreaming of what is to come to pass. November 19th I will be a resident of Nevada. I’m lovin’ the thought, the challenges, and mostly the friends I will encounter and grow with as I make my home in the Tahoe area for who knows how long?
I can only hope and pray I can acknowledge and accept the challenges laid before my feet and the challenges that will endure my evolution.
This past weekend I photographed a wedding, the ceremony at St. Peter and Paul at Washington Square in San Francisco, with the reception at a hotel in San Mateo area. Beautiful bride, Maristella, she had a recent graduate of the Academy of Art design and make her dress. Her dress was amazing. Now I have a resource to go to, if I ever make that jump.