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Diptychs – Lake Tahoe Family Project

Diptychs. My brain organizes images in my head. My favorite Lake Tahoe family project.
My life is a full on roller coaster ride, but in the end of it all, I’m living happiness. I’m happy for the lows of my life, my health, the highs of being completely loved – by friends, by God, and being appreciated. Liz and Shep welcomed me into their lives in 2011, with the birth of their first child, Lilley, (I call her Lilleybean). I’m pretty sure they had no idea whom they welcomed into their lives, but I’m so incredibly thankful for them, that in all honesty, I would do ANYTHING for them. Anything. I’m learning to be selfless, to trust, to stop be so selfish. I asked Liz during my most recent visit how she could be so patient with her three year old. She said, “Selfless. Patience.” I responded with, “Sounds like Jesus.” This year, I’m learning to put everyone’s needs above my own, because giving is what I do best. Giving is what makes me happy. Photography makes me happy too. As does cooking, creating, experimenting. I’m thriving on each lesson I’m learning everyday, from my mistakes, to learning what I can do to help others. Being God-like (which will forever be an ever evolving process and I am human and guaranteed to mess up ALL the time). This past week I spent some time with Liz and Shep for Lilley’s third birthday party. Sitting back down going through my images from my visit, I was reminded of Scott Strazzante’s Common Ground project when he was a photojournalist in Illinois. You can read an interview here. I noticed I photograph a lot of diptychs myself. Or at least it’s how I’m seeing. Looking forward to the coming year. Looking forward to my evolution. Looking forward to life. You have no idea. 🙂


Liz with Lilley one month after Lilley was born. Shep holding George. George is 8 months.

eating.dyp.webLilley is about 9 months here. George is almost 9 months.


Shep is slicing up Lilley’s first month birthday cake. A favorite moment with the Little Man as Shep adores his wife.