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Edgewood Tahoe / Deanna & Greg

I love taking advantage of people watching while putting together a collage of some of my favorites from Deanna and Greg’s Edgewood Tahoe wedding in South Lake Tahoe at on Valentine’s Day. My first time photographing at Edgewood, and wow this place is way fun to photograph at. Looking at Deanna and Greg’s images definitely gets me all choked up. (Thus the distraction of jumping back and forth between subjects, I don’t want to cry!) Their wedding was so filled with a heart wrenching emotion. I felt I couldn’t breathe (in a good way). I had tears in my eyes throughout the day and am so happy with the images I made from their wedding. Deanna says to me, ” I don’t want any “normal” photos, I like edgy, blurry, totally and completely outside-the-box photography. She had Stuart Weitzman red pumps, so I couldn’t go all blurry and black and white in her images…Actually I could still go black and white, but something about those awesome shoes cries to me “I WANT COLOR!!!!” ┬áChico State grads, totally original in their cocktail party in the reception, amazing. Wow, I love my clients. I am so thankful. Now I will consider having some coffee since I’ve been here for about 2.5 hours and who knows how much longer until I can walk over and pick up my car.