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Cypress Albums

A few years ago I was blessed enough to go to the WPPI convention in Las Vegas, and while all the speakers I saw were amazing, the one thing I found most beneficial was browsing through the trade show, seeing all the different album companies, seeing the different styles of wedding albums, taking to vendors, and everything to help a small business like me find my style and what appeals to me and what I feel confident offering to my clients. As I looked and looked, unfortunately most of the album companies looked very similar to me, same flush mount type albums with leather covers or metal, a few traditional matted albums, but one company stood out to me above and beyond all of ’em. Cypress. Their albums have silk brocade material for the covers, and many of the traditional matted albums have ribbon binding. Very different, very elegant and amazingly beautiful.  Joy and Allan (Married June 13th at Resort at Squaw Creek) decided to have me build an Iris Album from Cypress which is a new flush mount book with library binding. I just received Joy and Allan’s album today, and I’m not only blown away and amazed by the beauty of it, but seriously I had tears come to my eyes how heavy and quality of it is. (Their book weighs 7.5 pounds) Cypress Albums is definitely not for everyone, they are very expensive, but the album is so incredibly different from anyone else’s; it stands out to me as original and individual for every client like I am blessed to have. Joy and Allan I will be bouncing off wall to present their album to them on Friday. I cannot wait!