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Lake Tahoe Boudoir Photography

About 90% of what I photograph is weddings. Every now and then I get the opportunity for some Lake Tahoe Boudoir Photography. I love weddings so much, everything about them, watching the day evolve, the design and thought process of my couples, how they interact with each other and their friends and family, the raw moments, and quiet moments that they have no idea that I’m seeing. I actually noticed at this past weekend’s wedding, how thankful I am I came from a newspaper background, photographing everything from sports to kids’ playing the park to food to portraiture. During the bouquet and garter toss from this past weekend, I was thinking about pro basketball, or even college basketball, when using lights, your timing has to be right on to capture the peak action, because if you screw up and photograph before the moment of the playing slamming the ball into the basket, your lights won’t fire again in time for the peak action. Another aspect of photography I am incredibly thankful for is the ability to think and pause and create a completely set up image of Boudoir photography. I don’t photograph a lot of boudoir, and when I do, I’m more attracted to an environment than a bed to photograph a beautiful girl. During this creative session with my friend, I kept thinking about S curves. I tried anyway. I definitely have a lot to learn about positioning, and creating the best image out of any situation I put my model into. But I got to play with my lights, my Contax and my Canon 5D Mark II. I believe it was all worth it. Learning and exploring. As photographers, if we get into a rut, photographing the same thing over and over again, our photography becomes boring, monotonous. The same old. I never want to become bored, thus I’m always searching out new ways to photograph. God, I love learning. Which is another reason I love what I do for a living. 🙂 Interested in an environmental boudoir session or a creative session with me? Always looking forward to playing. Thinking Fannette Island, sand dunes, or even China Wall? I’m so in, contact me for more information. My friend, Whitney, tortured by mosquitos, but the photographs are amazing.

environmental boudoir

Tahoe Boudoir

Environmental Boudoir

Lake Tahoe Boudoir

Environmental boudoir

Tahoe Boudoir