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Contrasts. Life in Black and White. My interests, I’ve noticed of late, are pretty much black and white. Film Photography. I love photographing weddings, the intimacy, the dynamics, the in your face raw moments, the quiet moments, the subtlety. All of it. I also love broken and old things, cars, buildings whatever appeals to me. I love visiting ghosts towns, wondering what life was like for the residents, the way of life. Why did a ghost town become a ghost town? Seems like a contrast to me. Ghosts towns, vintage cars and weddings. Such a huge difference between the subjects I love to photograph. Then of course, in the winter, snowboarding and cross country striding or skating. Huge difference in sports. Snowboarding at Northstar with all the people, the high energy, the stress, the egos, the adrenaline. Cross country. The perfectly groomed trails, the smiles of the skaters and striders. The beauty and peacefulness of the environment. Nothing but me, my thoughts, my breath and exquisite peace surrounding me. Such a contrast? I have a couple photography stories brewing in my head. I see life in its grey shades (the infamous Zone System), but I think I wish it was easy as in black and white. ┬áThe beauty, elegance and brilliance of medium format film. I’ve been thinking a lot lately, and this thought isn’t in anyway original, but something I’ve been contemplating over the past year or so. Any person can pick up a digital camera and call themselves a “professional” photographer. Maybe some are good at posing, have great Photoshop skills…whatever it may be to make that “photographer” stand out. How many of these digital photographers are good at light? Especially at night? How many of these digital photographers know how to use a medium format film camera, and I’m not talking Holga. How many can set up, position and have the patience to use a 4×5 view camera? One of my great friends down in Phoenix photographs all the time with his 4×5, 8×10, or lately, his Hasselblad. His knowledge profounds me. 35mm film is easy to me, 4×5 view cameras, way too thought intensive for me, so I now take my vision a little more seriously, more thought provoking. with my Mamiya and my Contax 645. Amazingly beautiful cameras, nothing compares to the imagery created from these film cameras. I welcome with a complete and open mind into the evolution of me, learning and my growth as a photographer. It will be interesting to see how life evolves, whether in black and white, or all the shades of grey. I’m a student, I learn, I grow. It’s time, so intrigued by the evolution. ┬áMonica & Alex at Bean Hollow and my favorite old house, from the Mamiya 6, contrasted or similar?

Lake Tahoe film wedding photography