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Pacific Athletic Club wedding / Christina & Jeremy

A few thought processes on this amazing Pacific Athletic Club wedding of Christina & Jeremy’s. One of the greatest resources I’ve found for planning a wedding is a budget calculator which helps you understand how much the big event you are planning is going to cost (versus how much you think it will cost). I rated just for fun if I was to plan a big event in North Lake Tahoe including rehearsal, ceremony, reception and all the details from flowers to the officiant to wedding attire and place cards. My wedding would cost me $60,000. Check it out here. Another wonderful resource is budget/friend photographer versus professional photographer. Why you should hire a professional photographer over having a friend photograph your wedding. Check it out here.

On a completely different note, I photographed two events this weekend, amazing weddings I am so stoked on. Here is a little preview to Christina and Jeremy’s wedding in San Mateo and Redwood City this weekend. Great couple, great location, absolutely dreamy.