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My home doesn’t feel like home anymore, I’ve spent so much time past few weeks away from here, that coming home and seeing my boy cat, Gapper, is like…a weird sense of “I don’t want to be here.” But I would think with 11 days of moving to a new place, and severing the ties here (mostly emotional growth) I would think this is normal. What’s difficult is I have no idea where I’m moving to in 11 days. I have three weddings this coming weekend (which I am so looking forward to) but it’s stressful, as Monday I will have to make the trek again to Reno to finally acquire a place, whether temporary or not, but I have to be out. I’ve no time to work this month, as this month has been completely about transition and learning and absorbing. I’ve consumed numerous amounts of energy beverages and 5 hour shots, and my digestion is wrecked to all hell, just to get me through. Soon November will be here, and I can finally…Finally…. get organized and figure out my next plan of action.
I recently picked up an excellent book for photographers. “Fast Track Photographer” by Dane Sanders. I haven’t begun to read it yet, but I did accomplish the pDNA test. I scored all mediums except a couple categories..and it’s not just for wedding photographers…helps you help yourself in the direction and type of photographer you are or want to be.
My beautiful bride Yvette with her husband during their wedding Saturday in Santa Clarita (LA County…right by Magic Mountain).