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Change / Lake Tahoe photographer

I’m listening and learning to advice offered or dragged out of others in this area. I love Tahoe, when I finally moved here, I absolutely knew without a doubt in my mind…that this is where I will grow and learn and develop and become who I will be in the future. A friend of mine came to visit the past couple days, a man who is by far extremely gifted at his talent for helping us shmucks grow and become who we are destined to be. I was enlightened by the presence of Marc Kawanishi, recently laid off by the San Antonio Express-News. He is an amazing teacher and I only wish I had known him when I first got into the newspaper business. I’d would’ve tried my best to do as well as my friend James Gregg, who just recently won the Newspaper Press Photographers’ Association Photographer of the Year title for Small Markets. So many thanks will forever go out to Marc for guiding me on my path in documentary wedding photojournalism and of course to James, who helps me realize my place in photojournalism. Photo of me by Marc Kawanishi and photo of the beautiful warm (yes in April, almost could go swimming) Lake Tahoe east shore by me.