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California Gold Rush

Yep, it’s official, I found a new goal. Next year I want to really learn how to skate ski and take on the Gold Rush at the cross country ski resort I play at part time this year. Maybe I won’t do the actual Gold Rush, but maybe the Silver Rush. 20km sounds better than 40km to me for next year, but we’ll see. This event was so fun to photograph, even though I had to stride ski in a blizzard without goggle (I had my camera on me ..I can’t shoot with goggles on or sunglasses!) down to the Wilderness Hut for some shots, and these are some images I made along the way. ¬†Only a few more weeks left of ski season, and alas time to prepare for this summer with hiking, biking, boating, and whatever else I can find, because of course the real work (yeah, right, the real fun) wedding season. Yea! More on Sportsshooter.

Let’s begin. Contact me if you’re interested in hearing about the Craigslist special for this year’s weddings.