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Bright and Shiny Happy Smiley Face – Just Because

About a month ago, I took a few days to visit my friend, Sean, up in Grass Valley. I have always called him my bright and shiny happy smiley face, because I feel bright and shiny and happy and smiley whenever I’m around him. He’s such a great comfort to me, a great positive influence on my health. (I’ll call him up while having a glass of wine and ask what he’s doing and he’ll tell me – munching on greens and here I am with the glass of wine with the greens beginning to go bad in my fridge) He helps me to be a better person. And I greatly appreciate him for that. He is living on this amazing property where the owner practices Feldenkrais, which Sean periodically goes back to San Diego for his training. One of these days I’m gonna teach Sean to be my second photographer, so he can come photograph with me at my amazing couple’s weddings, and he’ll get paid so he can continue his Feldenkrais training. (Now if I could just talk him into transferring to Berkeley, so he wouldn’t be so far away!) So during my stay, we did some stick pickin’ for his landlord, and Sean got poison oak. He gets like just by looking at it. I’ve never been around poison oak, so thankfully I remain unscathed, but Sean is still suffering from it. It’s been a month. A few photos I made while playing with a CPS borrowed 45mm tilt shift lens. Happy Sean and the gorgeous property he lives on.