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Birth Story Photography / Tahoe

Liz tried to teach me how to snowboard back when I worked for fun at Northstar. Her husband, Shep, was my boss. When Liz got pregnant, I told her I wanted to do maternity photographs of her. I photographed her 3 days past her due date in December. Luckily it was not a very snowy winter 2011-2012. Then I got an idea. “Do you think it will be possible for me to photograph your birth?” Amazingly, Liz and Shep agreed. My first birth story photography. Liz told me she was afraid she would have to entertain me while she was in labor. She barely remembers me being there. It was the most amazing experience, pure emotional love. I begin thinking about why a woman would not want those first moments of her first born to be photographed. When she’s in so much pain and excited to finally meet her baby. So many moments missed if not documented. The expression of the father when he sees his baby. The way he’s so concentrated on his wife, to see when they go from “just us” to “wow, we’re a family now”. That moment when the nurses place this amazing little warm newborn on her chest, and all you see is wonder, this little life. To be so real and vulnerable. It’s amazing. It can be so difficult to be that vulnerable. I see it. Through my eyes, all I see is this perfect life, the strength of her to be able to give birth. The thoughts that go through my head, “I could never be THAT strong to do that.” Liz telling me later she didn’t know if she could do it, but she did. To realize that strength exists. I photographed the birth story of Lilley and her first year of life. I created a book that I presented to Liz and Shep. Creating this version of the book for the website made me cry all over again. How precious Lilley is. How fast she grows. Lilley’s 20 months now. She’ll be two years old this December. I can’t wait for her 2nd birthday. She grows so fast. I’m so thankful I captured her first year of life.

Forewarning: The book is flash based, so if you’re viewing on an iPhone or iPad, you won’t see the book.

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