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Bikram Yoga – Just Because

For many, MANY years, several people (from friends, to practitioners, to self-oberservation, to MY intuition) I have REPELLED against yoga. I didn’t want to do it, to go to class, to pay for it, to participate in it, I was so incredibly SO NOT  ready mentally, physically, emotionally (and financially) ready for yoga, I repel it. At some point this summer, I finally signed up. And I remember the thought process (what’s going to be the most beneficial to me, what’s going to HELP me the most, which practice should I try, will this decision actually and realistically HELP me…etc. and etc.). I gave in. I signed onto the 20 for 20 at Yoga Juice Box. Why Bikram? In a nutshell, I go for the extreme first, if I can hack it, then I’m in. After 17 or 18 classes in my 20 days, I don’t believe it was the yoga the addicted me, but the community. I felt so incredibly welcomed, so not judged, (except I refuse to wear shorts), the community of Bikram enlivens me. What girl, growing up, doesn’t see and become influenced by the ballet  in any sort of context? There is something to be said about the respect of the grace of ballet. Acquiring and achieving GRACE) . I didn’t practice any sport or dance when I was a child, but yet, somewhere and something allowed me to experience the beauty of grace. The first and only time I ever attended the ballet was seeing The Nutcracker in Portland, Oregon, before Christmas, with the photographic studio I worked for. The grace amazed me. The eloquence. So incredibly inspiring. So, finally when I was (and still working towards) ready for that grace that epitomized me, I believe I, myself have found in Bikram yoga. If I had been curious in ballet or gymnastics when I was a child, God only knows what or where I would have developed into. There is something to be said about the beauty of grace. The quiet self-confidence of actualization. To achieve self-actualaztion, the way you want to remembered. Is that grace? If you so dream it, it can be acquired. Work for it, dream it, it can happen. Preliminary photographs of the Nevada Regional Yoga Championships. (And yes, I see what inspires me.)

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