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Lake Tahoe Wedding Photographers / Best of 2010 / Emotion

One of the greatest part of being a part of Lake Tahoe Wedding Photographers is every wedding I photographed last year, I definitely stifled my emotion. Sometimes I got caught choking back tears or laughter from my amazing couples. A wedding day is filled with emotion, and I strive for the emotional photographs of every wedding. This past weekend I photographed a wedding down in Sacramento, and in each wedding there will be a moment where all my photographic intensity behind the camera releases and I hiss out “Yes!” Yes, I hiss, a culmination of all the emotion and intensity throughout the day, at every wedding there’s a release, where I completely let go, where I know in my heart and soul, my favorite, most emotional photograph has been captured. Sometimes that moment happens at the beginning of the day during the bridal preparation, sometimes right before the ceremony, sometimes during the ceremony and sometimes during the reception. Last year was so intense, so much incredible fun I had at each wedding, I strive to grow in anticipating the intense emotional moments that will be shown forth to me. A few of the most emotional photographs I captured last year.

Fuschia Dell Gardens

Wine and Roses Lodi

University Club San Francisco

Dockside York Harbor

Wente Vineyards

Scribner Bend Vineyards

Monte Verde Inn

W Hotel Newark

Chalet View Lodge

Saint Dominic