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Best of 2010 / Ceremony / Lake Tahoe wedding photographers

As we head into a 3 day weekend, and I go down to SLT to see Paul Oakenfold spin, and dance my booty off (never seen Oakenfold spin, so I’m REALLY looking forward to it! – with other Lake Tahoe Wedding Photographers), I decided one more post for the weekend (yes, I know it surprises me too!).  When I was in college, I remember going to a get together that my friend, Sarah, had invited me to. I brought along my Nikon 6006 (or was it the 8008s?), honestly I don’t remember which 35mm film camera I was photographing with. I captured a photo of the Dirty Toe man, (Sarah’s boyfriend at the time – his name I think was Rich, but don’t quote me on that) with the emphasis on her expression as she looked adoringly towards him. Rich was Dirty Toe man because his toes were always dirty when I’d see him sporting his Birkenstocks. And yes, I totally and always nickname guys that I get involved with or my friends get involved with (I think it’s something to do with how many times I’ve seen Sex in the City – yes all 6 seasons and the 2 movies). I believe when Sarah had told me she loved that photograph, she planted a seed in the back of my head, only to grow many years later. Something about the way the brides and grooms I photograph totally gets me. I think it’s because they have no idea I’m capturing those moments. Sometimes the moments are more tender and subtle, sometimes they are raw, in-your-face moments. During ceremonies, there is always so much to see, to capture, to document, from the expressions to the location of the ceremony, it’s all profound to me. Here’s a few of my favorites from my 2010 weddings in regards to ceremonies. Have a wonderful and safe weekend!

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