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Back in time -Family – Just Because

I lived on the border of Scottsdale and Paradise Valley from the summer following 6th grade until following high school when I went off to college in Flagstaff. The house was on an acre of property with 19 grapefruit trees, 1 orange tree, and a couple of kumquat trees by the pool. The orange tree rarely produced. But we’d get huge almost volleyball sized white grapefruit that was so sweet (for grapefruit). During these years my mother gave my brother and I chores and duties throughout the house. Which is why now I’m fairly anal retentive about the cleanliness of my kitchen and my bathroom. One of my chores was dusting the hardwood floors. Our 5 bedroom house was primarily hardwood floors except in the living room, master bedroom, and I’m forgetting where else the hardwoods were. *sigh* In the hallway towards my bedroom and the master bedroom, this photo was framed on the wall. I love this photo of my parents. When I’d sweep and polish the hallway hardwood floor, I’d always look at my beautiful parents. I always wondered what it would be like to go back in time (as if I was Marty McFly in Back to the Future) to see what life was like surrounding my parents. This is definitely my favorite photograph as a kid growing up. I hope to always have this photograph and gaze upon it, wondering how long it took my mother to do her hair and makeup, what life was like, what they were thinking, what life was like. I like the mystery of it. I love the fact I am a result of their marriage. Half my mother, half my father. They’ve taught me well, although I’m still fairly rebellious and strong willed and independent. (Must be the bull of the Taurus in me!)

What is your most important photograph? What would you do if you couldn’t gaze upon it anymore? Your photographs, do you want to remember them forever? One of my friends in San Francisco loves loves loves her wedding photographs. She got married before I knew her, but I see the photos of her and her bridesmaids around her apartment. Don’t people when their houses are on fire or flooding or any kind of disaster, run back into their homes to grab the one thing that’s most important to them? Their photographs. How important is your wedding photography to you? How much are you willing to invest in it when you know in 50 or 60 or 70 years, these photographs will be the most important thing to you? Your memories of your love, laughter, tears, children: Aren’t they worth everything to you?