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Ashley & Kevin / Lake Tahoe winter weddings

Yay for snow!!! Yay for couples who want to play in the snow! The past week has been a lot of rain, and today for Ashley and Kevin’s Crystal Bay wedding, we got snow (Finally!). Ashley really wanted to get a photograph of her and her husband twirling in the snow with a scenic landscape. After passing through chain control on Brockway Summit, and photographs of them with their wedding party, everyone got huddled in the warm cars. I said to Ashley, who was so ready to get back to Crystal Bay, trying to get dry from the heat in my car, “You came here for snow, and I know it’s wet and you still have a ceremony to do, but you know if you don’t do the photographs you want with your husband, you will regret it.” ¬†One minute later she’s out of the car, and Kevin’s twirling her in the snow. Two minutes after that, we’re on our way back to Crystal Bay to get presentable for the wedding. Thank you so much Ashley and Kevin for a freaking brilliant day! Amazing, AMAZING people I worked with day, and I am so incredibly thankful. (Bowing to everyone who helped make today a freaking incredible success!) You rock! (Wow, there is snow in Tahoe!)

Lake Tahoe snow weddings