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San Francisco Bay weddings

Thoughts on my recent San Francisco Bay weddings. This post from Seth Godin is the first thing I saw this morning. Okay, well maybe I saw my phone first, and then this blog post. A great insight. I feel like an artist, and it’s amazing to gain insight from wedding guests of their opinion of me while I am working…Or taking a moment to talk shop with a slightly intoxicated guest. It’s awesome. This guest had told me that she wished her album was more documentary, as hers was all the posed photographs. I can picture her album, like I can picture in my head my parents’ wedding album. This guest admired the way I photographed her friend’s wedding, moving stealthily  throughout capturing the moments I pride myself and my vision on. Who they are with each other. It’s so beautiful. My couples that just “ARE” with each other and ignore me, and I don’t even wear black to weddings. The assistant to the event planner said to me (at a recent wedding),  “You’re so lucky you don’t have to work as hard as we all do.”  – I’m so happy that I make wedding photography look easy. 🙂

Quintessentially my clients as they are. You can’t set up stuff like this. Two days of weddings over a gorgeous Labor Day Weekend. Robert Livermore Community Center and the Sebastiani Winery in Sonoma (my home away from Tahoe).

Livermore community Center

Sebastiani Winery Weddings