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This week has been very interesting to me as I wish I could’ve gone to visit my brother and his family near Seattle for Christmas, but I have to work Saturday morning at 8am. I’ve spent quite a bit of time being contemplative, as being a human, there is always something to wish for or desire of what I don’t already have. I am very thankful I can sanely spend time alone. I’m thankful for my family and friends who have their own dreams and desires to support me in my own. I’m very thankful I jogged 4 miles today and burnt almost 500 calories and that I have the lung capacity to do so. I am thankful I have two ski jobs this winter working at two different resorts teaching snowboarding, alpine and cross country skiing. I am thankful I have the time to go play (although sometimes I wish I could be working while playing). Yesterday, with nothing on the agenda or nothing that needed to be completely immediately, I took the day to visit Fort Churchill to try my hand at architecture photography. In hindsight, I wish I had gone when the weather was inclimate instead of blue skies, but alas, trying my hand similar to Ansel Adams (only in Nevada). I drove through Virginia City on my way back home, and I definitely figure when there is inclimate weather and when I’m not teaching, I will definitely be spending some serious quality time there. Here’s a few frames I found worthy of my travels yesterday. (and if you want to join me on an vintage excursion come spring, thinking the route along the US 93 – drop me a line)