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San Francisco children’s photographer / Amelia

I am so blessed as a San Francisco children’s photographer to play with Amelia. I was blessed with Maristella and Danny’s wedding in San Francisco back in 2008. Maristella astounded me with her eyes when I met her on her wedding day on November 8th, 2008. She has these intense eyes that I swear could see into my soul. So when the opportunity finally came forth to photograph her brand new at 8 months, of course, hello!, after seeing Amelia’s eyes on Facebook as Maristella’s profile photograph, of course I’m game. This maybe just me, but some children’s eyes, I am mesmerized, lost, profound, seeing truth within their eyes. Amelia has that distinct mesmerizing quality to her eyes. I am lost or found within her gaze. I am succumbing to my inner Elizabeth Messina with this photograph, of course with my own twist on it.. I cannot wait to send and receive the film images. Come, get lost with me inside Amelia’s eyes. If you have stories to tell of what Amelia projects within you, do please share. 😉

Fine Art Documentary Children