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2012 / Instagram

When I think back on 2012, I feel as if it was one of the most difficult years I’ve had yet. Then I see all the Instagram photos of my life, I realize, it was also one of the best. I’ve road-tripped, explored, loved, been loved, watch life develop in front of me, captured love, laughed, cried, experienced life. I stayed and worked in Tahoe last winter, in the Spring ventured up to Seattle to visit my brother, photographed a ton at the Lake, weddings and love, changes, to exploring Yosemite, road-tripping around Black Rock Desert, to going to Arizona and multiple times to the Bay, and finishing off my year seeing Primus in San Fancisco. I am thankful. Very thankful for everything in my life. 2013 will be the year for me to let go of the things that do not serve me, the stuff that doesn’t make me feel better. I’ve heard it in my heart and soul for months, but nothing like this coming year to really explore letting go. I’m looking forward to seeing what life has to offer me in every aspect this year (and every year). Here’s to 2013 and my 2012 life in photos.

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