Diptychs. My brain organizes images in my head. My favorite Lake Tahoe family project.
My life is a full on roller coaster ride, but in the end of it all, I’m living happiness. I’m happy for the lows of my life, my health, the highs of being completely loved – by friends, by God, and being appreciated. Liz and Shep welcomed me into their lives in 2011, with the birth of their first child, Lilley, (I call her Lilleybean). I’m pretty sure they had no idea whom they welcomed into their lives, but I’m so incredibly thankful for them, that in all honesty, I would do ANYTHING for them. Anything. I’m learning to be selfless, to trust, to stop be so selfish. I asked Liz during my most recent visit how she could be so patient with her three year old. She said, “Selfless. Patience.” I responded with, “Sounds like Jesus.” This year, I’m learning to put everyone’s needs above my own, because giving is what I do best. Giving is what makes me happy. Photography makes me happy too. As does cooking, creating, experimenting. I’m thriving on each lesson I’m learning everyday, from my mistakes, to learning what I can do to help others. Being God-like (which will forever be an ever evolving process and I am human and guaranteed to mess up ALL the time). This past week I spent some time with Liz and Shep for Lilley’s third birthday party. Sitting back down going through my images from my visit, I was reminded of Scott Strazzante’s Common Ground project when he was a photojournalist in Illinois. You can read an interview here. I noticed I photograph a lot of diptychs myself. Or at least it’s how I’m seeing. Looking forward to the coming year. Looking forward to my evolution. Looking forward to life. You have no idea. 🙂


Liz with Lilley one month after Lilley was born. Shep holding George. George is 8 months.

eating.dyp.webLilley is about 9 months here. George is almost 9 months.


Shep is slicing up Lilley’s first month birthday cake. A favorite moment with the Little Man as Shep adores his wife.

Cristin and Wayne’ Northstar California resort wedding was so amazing! I had such an incredible time photographing their camaraderie. Northstar is such an amazing place for a wedding, and I am always so thankful preserving memories of my couples. Here are a few of my favorites from their wedding!

northstar.california.resort.wedding1 northstar.california.resort.wedding2 northstar.california.resort.wedding3 northstar.california.resort.wedding4 northstar.california.resort.wedding5

I’ve always adored Sugar Bowl weddings, but to have my first Sugar Bowl Lake Mary wedding of Jillian & Josh, I was seriously bouncing off walls. Jill’s mother had contacted me months before her wedding. She said, “Jillian’s having a relaxed wedding; she wants the emotion that we’ve seen on your website. She doesn’t want to pose.” I fell in love immediately. Clients that let me me do what I do best, empathically reveling in their happiness, oh yes. Yum. Jillian and Josh live in the Bay area and have been together for 8+ years before their wedding day, and Jillian’s parents both work up at Sugar Bowl, living in Tahoe year round. The wedding was absolutely perfect. Lake Mary is perfect for more intimate weddings. An amazing picturesque location. New favorite wedding location of mine. Congratulations to Jillian and Josh! I am so incredibly thankful for their perfect, perfect wedding.

mother and groom moment

bridal portrait Sugar Bowl

bride groom portrait Lake Mary

ceremony kiss Lake Mary

Now Pronounced husband wife

black and white bride groom portrait

reception toast groom

reception toast bride

intro into first dance

first dance Sugar Bowl

first dance black and white

parent dances lake mary

wedding forest walk bride groom

I’m so excited to share some of my favorites from Cara & Chris’s Chateau at Incline Village wedding. I worked with Cara and Chris as Northstar back in 2009 and 2010. When I found out they were getting married, you can’t believe how excited I was for them. I ran into them at Bikram yoga and had asked Cara if they had already booked their photographer. They said they had, and were getting their photographer for free, because the photographer was a friend (oh boy, my head filled with caution). I asked them if they had a contract (they didn’t), and I said, “Make sure you get a signed contract with your photographer, because otherwise that photographer’s not liable for actually showing up, photographing, and getting your images to you.”  Two weeks later I was photographing their engagement session and three weeks after that, I had a signed contract to photograph their wedding. And I’m a friend too. But wedding photography is solely my business. Great thing about Cara and Chris’s wedding was I knew a bunch of their friends (at least Tahoe friends) and was really excited to see people I hadn’t seen in a few years. They had an amazing party. I was so incredibly happy to be a part of it.

Venue: Chateau at Incline Village
Cupcakes: Tahoe House
Florist: Flowers by Wanda
Sand Harbor bride and groom

bride getting ready groom bow tie detail Bride and groom lake tahoe bride and groom lake tahoe sand harbor bride and groom portrait

Sandy had contacted me for portrait session over a year ago for her Lake Tahoe off the beaten path photo session. She wanted fun outside the box photography of her and her husband. When the session came about, they had already gotten married in Singapore (what I would’ve given to fly to Singapore and be included in that party!!), and what a difference in weather coming for the Bay area where they live, to freeze in Tahoe. It was definitely a fun afternoon beginning at Eagle Rock, working our way to D.L. Bliss and concluding at Vikingsholm. I had so much fun playing with them, and if you have a second, check out their fun video from their wedding in Singapore!

bridal walking shoes Tahoe

Eagle Rock Elopement photography

Eagle Rock Tahoe bride and groom

DL Bliss portraits

DL Bliss bride and groom bouldering

Vikingsholm bride and groom

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