Why are you a photographer?

I began my career as a photographer in 2000 when I obtained my first part-time job at a small daily newspaper in Arizona after my boss told me he knew I had the heart to be a photographer, and he could train me how to use my heart to photograph.

Fast forward 8 years later, and working full time and freelancing for various news sources in Arizona and California, I got laid off from the only company I wanted to photograph for – McClatchy (The Fresno Bee), it was the day after my last assignment for the newspaper I photographed an amazing wedding with an amazing couple on the west shore of Lake Tahoe, and I found my calling as a Lake Tahoe wedding photographer. This is what I’m supposed to do with my photography career.

Why should we hire you as our wedding photographer?

My clients have an emotional connection to my artwork. If you can feel (not see) the emotion in my artwork, then you’re probably my client. My photography is genuine, real, organic, raw. My photographic background is purely organic, like a fly on the wall. The photography is a reflection of how I see you, connect with your moments and emotion of your wedding story. I am extremely passionate about my vision, and my clients trust my vision 100%. No wedding is the same, and the photographs from your wedding story reflect that.

Who do you like working with?

Honestly I don’t think there’s anyone up here I’ve worked with that I don’t like. I really enjoy Mountain Magic and Peter’s food, as well as Jack’s food from Men Wielding Fire. Also my favorite DJs and musicians are Ryan Palmer, Kevin Toqe, Mercy Me, and  always Brian Hess. Videography, I really enjoy working with Jason Chesebrough (VideoQuest Productions). From SF I would bring along Sasha and his team from SashaKino.

Who are you as a person?

I live for healthy raw foods, and the quality of foods is more important to me than the cost. I live for Bikram yoga. After my first or second class, I fell in love with the community of Bikram yoga more than the yoga itself. I felt so welcomed in it, that after my $20 for 20 days, I was sold. 100% sold. I haven’t looked back yet. I’ve been told I’m very tenacious (don’t give up), very focused, very sincere, and most importantly, I’m genuine. I’m very honest if something doesn’t work. I’ll tell you. and I’ll tell you why. When I exercise (biking, running, hiking, etc) I prefer the sounds of nature than my iPod.

How much will it cost me to have you photograph? Do you offer discounts or specials?

Most importantly, you need to see the value in my artwork. I believe when it comes to photographing your memories, especially on this once in a lifetime event, it’s totally worth having a photographer whose art resonates with you. I believe my clients deserve only the absolute best in the memories of their wedding story, and the clients that I choose know that 100%. Full wedding coverage begins at $3850, with album packages that begin at $4950.

Call me at 775-770-4502 to see if my vision is what you want for your Lake Tahoe or Phoenix wedding photography.